We listen intently to each of our clients, and provide a range of made-to-fit actuarial, analytical and management solutions based on their unique needs.

Our team of actuaries and actuarial analysts are dedicated to exceed client expectations. We leverage a network of professionals in the accounting, legal and medical fields to cover a wide range of industries.


Capital project appraisal

Long-term capital projects rely on the expectation that future income will sufficiently reward the initial investment. The longer the timeframe, the greater the uncertainty and potential risk. We address this through the use of actuarial modelling techniques. This makes better sense of the uncertainty and provides confidence intervals for the most likely outcomes while highlighting potential risks that need to be mitigated in future. Whether it is a simple small-business projection, investment in new technology or a construction project, our service will provide the critical information required make an informed decision.

Medical care and corporate health program design and optimisation

We facilitate the design and optimisation of medical care, using our network of specialists, medical doctors, occupational therapists and other medical service providers. The optimisation of the entire value chain from medical practitioners to providers of medical equipment results in reduced costs, optimal recovery and quicker time-to-recovery. In addition to this, we assist in building new data sets and analysing existing data sets to give clarity on the incidence of accidents and disease, the cost implications thereof and the effectiveness of preventative measures. We also facilitate specialist services to corporates in health and wellness program design, absence management and disability assessments.

Data analytics

Within data sets there is a hidden wealth of information and understanding pertaining to customer demographics, behaviour and preferences; risks within organisations and other management information. Our pragmatic approach is combined with superior analytical skills to translate data into value adding decision tools. This drives better customer experience and retention; promotes higher sales; provides management with insight on key trends and triggers and highlights key risk areas for fraudulent activity.

Personal Injury Law

The Personal Injury Law service includes Loss of Income assessments, which calculate the loss of earnings experienced by a person as a result of injuries suffered in a road accident or because of the negligence of a medical practitioner /hospital. This service also extends to Loss of Support assessments, which calculate the financial support lost by dependents of a deceased wrongfully killed in a road accident or by the wrongful act of a medical practitioner/hospital. These assessments provide accurate support to Road Accident Fund and Medical Malpractice Claims.

Quantifying long-term liabilities

We conduct actuarial valuations for long-term contracts and liabilities in the traditional and non-traditional actuarial fields. We are experts in performing personal loss-of-income valuations and are extending this expertise into any field where there is an uncertain future liability or financial commitment.